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Walterhill damI grew up feeling that Walterhill, Tennessee was my true home: the place where my roots were deepest. My maternal grandparents Ruth and Blackburn Batey lived at the crossroads of Jefferson Pike and Lebanon Road – which is arguably the heart of Walterhill. I lived the first five years of my life there, and it was my second home throughout childhood. In this area lived not only my grandparents, but also two sets of great grandparents, four sets of GG grandparents, two sets of GGG grandparents, two sets of GGGG grandparents, and three sets of GGGGG grandparents – not to mention an uncountable number of aunts, uncles, cousins, and other relatives. It remained the place where I felt most deeply connected until my grandmother Ruth Henderson Batey passed away at age 97 in 2008. (more…)

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Charlton Ford 2009

Charlton Ford Cemetery in 2009

On a cloudy autumn day in 2009, Ernie Johns and I set out to find the Charlton Ford Cemetery where we both have ancestors. Ernie had last visited the cemetery in 1971 when he tackled the herculean task of documenting old family cemeteries across Rutherford County. He didn’t remember exactly where it was, (more…)

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