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Middle Tennessee Ancestor Map

Several years ago I started marking the precise locations of my ancestral homes and cemeteries on Google Maps. I maintain maps of several areas where my ancestors were concentrated. By far, the one with the most locations is my Middle Tennessee map. It’s pretty amazing to see most of my ancestry since 1800 so closely associated with one small area. This map includes both sides of my family. On this map, the latest of my ancestors arrived just after the War Between the States, and all else were here by the early 1800s.

Click here to see the map.

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Here’s a fascinating article about ancient genealogy. It turns out we’re all very special – just like everyone else. The main difference between genealogy buffs and everyone else is that we often know our lineage – and that’s pretty special indeed

Click on the link for an article published by National Geographic.

Charlemagne’s DNA and Our Universal Royalty – Phenomena: The Loom.

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This looks promising! It’s great to see that Shacklett’s Photography has donated most of their historical archives!

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